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Document Name:
      Structurally Deficient Bridges(2)
      Functionally Obsolete Bridges(3)
      Scour Critical Bridges(4)
      Review for SHV Loads(5)
      Weight Restricted Bridges(6)
      Posted Bridges(7)
      Low Clearance Bridges(8)
      Retaining Walls(9)
      Major Traffic Structures(10)
      DFMS Culverts (Advanced Inspection)(13)
      DFMS Culverts (From Plans – No Inspection)(14)
      Stormwater Management Facilities(15)
    Equipment - Highway(17)
      Weigh-In Motion (WIM) Sites(21)
      Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Stations(22)
      Roadway Composition(24)
      Pavement Condition(25)
      Number of Lanes(26)
      Shoulder Width and Type(27)
      Lane Width(28)
      ADA Ramps(30)
      ADA Pushbuttons(31)
      ADA Corners(32)
      Sound Barrier(36)
      Bicycle Facilities(37)
      Traffic Barriers(38)
      OHP Freight Routes(40)
      High Clearance Routes(41)
      Reduction Review Routes(42)
      National Network - State(43)
      National Network - Nonstate(44)
      Rail Network(46)
      Rail Crossings(47)
      Rail Bridges(48)
      Rail Mile Posts(49)
      Rail Tunnels(50)
    Public Transit(51)
      Park and Ride Lots(52)
      Oregon POINT Bus Stops (Fixed Route)(53)
      Oregon POINT Bus Routes (Fixed Route)(54)
      Transit Stops (Fixed Route)(55)
      Transit Routes (Fixed Route)(56)
      ODOT Transit Regions(57)
    Traffic Data(58)
      Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR) Data(59)
      Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) - State(60)
      Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) - Non-State(61)
      Projected AADT 2025(62)
      Posted Speed(63)
      Traffic Flow (AADT)(64)
      Truck Flow (AADT)(65)
    Road Network(66)
      Highway Mile Posts(67)
      Highway Mile Point - Tenths(68)
      Highway Mile Point - Hundredths(69)
      All Public Roads(70)
      All Public Road Names(71)
      Signed Routes(72)
      Highway Connections(73)
      Highway Frontage Roads(74)
      Highway Network(75)
      Highway Network - by ODOT Highway Number(76)
      Federal Functional Class - State(78)
      Federal Functional Class - Non-State Mile Point - Hundredths(79)
      Federal Functional Class - Non-State(80)
      Federal Aid Eligible Road Network(81)
      OHP Expressways(82)
      OHP Highway Classification(83)
      National Highway System (NHS) - State(84)
      National Highway System (NHS) - Non-State(85)
      Oregon Scenic Bikeways(86)
      Oregon Scenic Byways(87)
      Special Transportation Areas (STA): Urban Business Areas (UBA); Commercial Centers (CC)(88)
      Crashes 2016(90)
      Crashes 2015(91)
      Crashes 2014(92)
      Crashes 2013(93)
      Crashes 2012(94)
      SPIS 2016 (2013-15 crashes)(95)
      SPIS 2015 (2012-14 crashes)(96)
      SPIS 2014 (2011-13 crashes)(97)
      SPIS 2013 (2010-12 crashes)(98)
      SPIS 2012 (2009-11 crashes)(99)
      Wildlife Collisions(100)
    Projects & Needs for Scoping(101)
      Safety Scoping Projects(102)
      Fix It Priority Corridor STIP 2015-2018(103)
      Fix It Priority Corridor STIP 2018-2021(104)
      Fix It Priority Corridor STIP 2021-2024(105)
      STIP 2012-2015 Points(106)
      STIP 2012-2015 Segments(107)
      STIP 2008-2011 Final(108)
      STIP 2006-2009 Final(109)
      Bicycle Facility Needs(110)
      Sidewalk Needs(111)
    Land & Facilities(112)
      Unstable Slopes(114)
      ODOT Maintenance Stations(115)
      ODOT Facilities(116)
      ODOT Leased Buildings(117)
      Faults OGDC v6(118)
      Folds OGDC v6(119)
      Geologic Units Map OGDC v6(120)
      Fish Barriers(122)
      Fish Passage(123)
      Oregon Wetlands(124)
      Hydric or Wetland Soils(125)
      Climate Divisions(126)
      Average Annual Precipitation(127)
      City Limits(129)
      Federal Aid Urban Boundaries (FAUB)(130)
      Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB)(131)
      PLSS (Township & Range)(132)
      PLSS (Sections)(133)
      ODOT Maintenance Districts(134)
      ODOT Areas(135)
      ODOT Regions(136)
      Area Commissions on Transportation (ACT)(137)
      Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA)(138)
      Environmental Justice(139)
      US Congressional Districts(140)
      State Senate Districts(141)
      State House Districts(142)
      Bricklayer Zones(143)
      Electrician Zones(144)
      Power Equipment Operator Zones(145)
      Zip Codes(146)
      County Boundaries(147)
      Lidar Point Cloud Index(148)
      Lidar Imagery Index(149)
      USGS Quads Index(150)
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